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  2. musical says:

    Hey my friend, I am a house producer your article was impressive, it really heleped me. I hope my mixcloud song will be better after reading this.Best regards!

  3. Anne says:

    Ha Simon , it s good to hear you and yours and your fabulous mates amazing tunes! Maia and I had a right shimmy in the kitchen for breakfast …happy days!x
    Anne(and jake Anne)

    • Simon Landin says:

      Hey Anne

      Hope you are well. Will hopefully get the chance to catch up at Glastonbury. (Can’t wait to see you all). We are doing OK here in London

      Lots of Love to you all


  4. Eikelyn says:

    Check out my new EP on Soundcloud:


  5. freddibnah says:

    Loved the Show

  6. Alvaro says:

    You are so funny!!! I have become obsessed with your site
    and I spend most of my time reading all your posts.

    And I made an account JUST to post comments.
    I wish I’d found you sooner, and I wish you posted as much as you used to! You must be constantly busy now though because you’re so famous!

  7. Zoe Williams says:

    Love your show.

    Just thought you might be interested in hearing this band: I Barrittas

    They are a old Sardinian band, and this is there rendition of TWIST!


  8. Tom Shirm says:


    We are Manifesto, a 7 piece pop soul band looking to take over London with our fresh sound and high energy live shows. Our sound is a return to soul legends like Stevie wonder, travelling through the slick disco of Earth Wind and Wire, and Michael Jackson, with a healthy dose of Jamiroquai thrown in for good measure. Have a listen to an exclusive track at and look at our youtube channel to get a feel for the music and vibe –

    We are looking to launch ourselves onto the London live music scene, so would love to know what you think of our sound, or if we could even play one of your legendary Home Spun Sessions.



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